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Documentary Just a little bit about MONTOWNIA... PLAY
Just a little bit about MONTOWNIA...

Short documentary about polish theather group MONTOWNIA.

Concept / Camera / Editing: Dominika Podczaska

Year of Production: 2012 

Behind the scenes Behind The Scenes: Multimedia PLAY
Behind The Scenes: Multimedia
Camera / Editing: Dominika Podczaska
Production: Papaya Films
Agency: Media Mocni
Client: Multimedia Polska
Year of Production: 2013
Behind the scenes Behind The Scenes: VECTRA PLAY
Behind The Scenes: VECTRA

Camera/Editing: Dominika Podczaska

Agency: Scholz and Friends

Client: Vectra

Year of Production: 2013

Short documentary about polish famous rock/folk group ZAKOPOWER.   
Year of Production: 2011
Camera / Editing: Dominika Podczaska 
Behind the scenes Behind The Scenes: TESCO PLAY
Behind The Scenes: TESCO

Making of tv commercial with Robert Maklowicz - a promoter of the Polish cuisine, a television personallity fascinated by European cuisine.

Year of Production: 2012

Camera / Editing: Dominika Podczaska


Commercial Voltaren Express Forte PLAY
Voltaren Express Forte

Dir./DoP/Editor: Dominika Podczaska
Production: Raymond Polska
Agency: Wunderman 
Postproduction: Mushkafilms / Raymond Polska
Client: Novartis Poland

Year of Production: 2012

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