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Commercial GINO ROSSI - Man PLAY

Autumn / Winter 2014 Collection

Dir. / DoP - Dominika Podczaska 
Stylists: Ina Lekiewicz, Ewelinka Gralak 
Hair: Kacper Rączkowski 
Make-up: Wilson

Editor: Dominika Podczaska

Production: Summer Production / Lukasz Lewandowski

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Commercial GINO ROSSI - Woman PLAY

Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Dir. / DoP - Dominika Podczaska
Modelka: Karolina(Model Plus)
Stylizacja: Ina Lekiewicz, Ewelinka Gralak
Fryzury: Kacper Rączkowski
Make-up: Wilson
Editor: Dominika Podczaska
Production: Summer Production / Lukasz Lewandowski
Music Video WFE - New Album PLAY
WFE - New Album
Dir./DoP: Dominika Podczaska
Camera Assistant: Maria Dreher
Lighting: Piotr Kryska / Fix Lighting Equipement
On-line/Off-line: Dominika Podczaska
Production: ART2Music /
Postproduction: Mushka Films /
Music: Waglewski-Fisz-Emade "Bóg"
Year of Production: 2013
Commercial OPEL & Aqualoopa PLAY
OPEL & Aqualoopa

Teaser of artistic performance of polish artist Aqualoopa, supported by OPEL.

Dir. / DoP / Editing: Dominika Podczaska

Agency: Scholz & Friends Polska

Production: Mushka Films

Client: Opel 

Year of Production: 2013

Documentary Witkacy on Stage PLAY
Witkacy on Stage

Just for a moment before you will hear on stage of Och-Teatr the first words written in 1921 by Witkiewicz, you will have a chance to see my short documentary...Premiere of "A Small Country House" June 17, 2011.

Concept / Camera / Editing: Dominika Podczaska  



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