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DOMINIKA PODCZASKA   was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She has a master's degree in U.S. Culture and American Society and a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Politics Sciences. She has also graduated Laboratory of Reportage at the University of Warsaw, where she focused on documentary movie. She has more than 10-years experience in journalism. Now she works as a freelance Director, DoP and Film Editor.


From the early age Dominika writes poetry and short stories. She first begun sharpening her writing skills as a journalist, writing several reportages and articles about film, music and books, interviewing polish actors, musicians, writers. Later on, she was working as a news reporter, videographer and editor so she started to write scripts for documentary movies, several cultural programs for Internet as well as scripts of official music videos. Dominika also wrote screenplays for short movies. Two of them have been directed and shooted („Pauza”, „60+”).


First she learned sound editing working as a reportrer in polish radio. In 2005 she co-directed her first documentary movie and as a DoP she got to know the ins and outs of movie editing. It gave her skill to became film editor (and cameraman) in the biggest Internet video service in Poland. Dominika spent five years filming and editing footage from polish political and cultural life, but not exclusively from Poland (e.g. Cannes Film Festival, Beatification of JPII in Vatican). In 2009 „The Magnet” - a visual narrative and photo essay edited by Dominika has got 2nd Prize in NEWSWEEK Magazine contest. People say she has her own style in editing. Maybe the practise working with camera gives her additional skill in editing. And conversely! And reverse. She mostly edit the footage in her own cozy studio in Warsaw.    


Dominika begins her adventure with the visual arts as a passionate of photography. Starting with analogue photography she spends hours in a home made labolatory with old-school photo enlarger. After decade she tries camcorder and makes her first documentary movie for charity organization Caritas. From 2005 Dominika sharps her skills as a videographer of news reports and social and cultural stories working for the biggest polish on-line newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Later as a freelance cinematographer she starts cooperate with major polish ad agencies as well as with individual artists, actors, musicians. As a DoP she takes a part in commercial projects as well as documentary movies and short stories.


Years of practise in writing, filming and editing gave Dominika a new and natural skill – directing. She directed several music programs for Internet, later she focused on official music videos and close cooperation with polish musicians. From time to time she direct tv commercials. Her short movie „60+” was awarded 3  rd prize in the Heineken International Contest. 


Photo gallery
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    Shooting and directing commercial, 2013

    fot. Maria Dreher
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    Shooting my first documentary movie for Caritas Poland, 2005

    fot. Maria Dreher
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